Science OlympiaNZ



Science OlympiaNZ, is a charitable association fostering academic excellence in Science.

To contact any of the individual Science Olympiad organisers, click on the relevant page for their website and their program's details.

Who We Are

SONZ was established in 2009 to raise the bar in terms of providing leadership and inspiration for our gifted and talented students within the schooling system and beyond.

We bring together:

  • International Young Physicists Tournament NZ
  • NZ Chemistry Olympiad Trust
  • NZ Geography Olympiad
  • NZ International Biology Olympiad
  • NZ Mathematics Olympiad
  • NZ Olympiad in Informatics (Inc.)
  • Future Problem Solving

Our Objectives

  1. To be the national organisation in New Zealand for the support and fostering of youth education potential through regional, national and international science-related academic competitions.
  2. To encourage interest, participation, and excellence in science-related enrichment activities within New Zealand education.
  3. To publicise student successes in the various competitions.
The Kiwi Olympic heroes you've probably never heard of - NZ Herald

Our Successes

SONZ is very fortunate to be able to call on the expertise of a number of educational experts in the delivery of the various programmes.
The different teams have been highly successful over the years on the international stage and very regularly achieving Bronze or Silver medals and as was seen in 2015, a Gold medal in the Geography competition.
We invite you to visit the different disciplines (see buttons at the top) see what is on offer and make contact.